May 20th, 2012. NATO Protests in Chicago.

Meditating in front of #riotcops at #NoNATO protest

That’s love!

Kissing gas masked protester graffiti.

Street art Berlin 

#Kissing at #NoNato protest in #Chicago today!

Kissing Guy Fawkes 

A Different kinda kiss :) This is great if you have kids and you want to explain why you are protesting to them.

Click on the link and check it out! ^^^^^^^

Two Occupy Frankfurt protesters kissing as they are being arrested.



It certainly never hurts to try. Nothing benefits our oppressors more than giving them an excuse to oppress us (not that they won’t find one either way however…).

Handing out carnations, a symbol of May Day and spring to passers by in London.

I give props to those trying, but I agree that if the police are going to attack protesters then they are bringing the violence on themselves—they make it inevitable.

For those of you who hate a “diversity of tactics” and “black bloc”

Here are some of your favorite evil agent provacatours undermining your movement with donuts (Montreal I believe)

Don’tcha just hate those violent BBer’s?! Good thing the Police are around to protect all those windows. 

(Source: doctagonz)

Today you are going to see alot of “violence” from #OO on the news.

Don’t forget about the love, the kindness, the dancing, the beauty—and the CHILDREN VILLAGE during the MARCH for DIGNITY AND JUSTICE!!!!